Marvel’s Avengers sells 2.2 million digital copies in September

Marvel’s Avengers seems to be quickly becoming a very popular title. A new report released by SuperData shows that the game shipped 2.2 million digital copies of the game in September 2020.

The game launched in September and managed to sell a total of 2.2 million units in launch month. The report by SuperData says the game sold as much as Marvel’s Spider-Man, although this is a multi-platform title. The sales figures also marked the second-largest digital release for publisher Square Enix, after the Final Fantasy VII remake.

Other games that got close were the NBA 2K21 with 1.9 million units sold, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 with 2.8 million units sold, and even Super Mario 3D All-Stars with 1.8 million units sold.

The numbers did go down towards the end of the month for Avengers, but there is some room for the sales to get a boost if the game gets DLCs and events.

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Via Wccftech

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