MaxSun Releases H770YTX Terminator Motherboard With DDR5 And PCIe Gen5 Support

MaxSun, a Chinese manufacturer, is gearing up to release a new Intel motherboard crafted in the distinctive YTX form factor. With dimensions measuring 245×175 mm, the YTX mimics a broader ITX design, enabling the incorporation of additional ports and connectors such as extra M.2 slots and storage connectors.

The H770YTX Terminator is marketed as a mid-range model, equipped with an 8+1+1 power stage system supporting PBP/PL1 (Power Limit 1/Processor Base Power) up to 200 watts and MTB/PL2 up to 253 watts. With its 2024 release, it provides seamless compatibility with all Intel 12th, 13th, and 14th Gen Core CPUs without the need for any BIOS updates.


A notable feature of the H770YTX is its rear connectors, encompassing the 24V connector, 8+4 pin CPU power headers, fan headers, two SATA ports, and front panel headers. It’s worth noting that this configuration may not be universally compatible with all cases.

The motherboard incorporates four PCIe Gen4x4 M.2 interfaces, including two in proximity to the memory slots and one located on the back. For storage options, it offers four SATA ports and a 4-lane SlimNAS SFF-8654 interface, hinting at the potential for robust NAS capabilities through multiple interfaces.


In terms of DDR support, the board is equipped with two DIMM slots utilizing DDR5 technology, accommodating speeds up to 8000 MT/s with XMP OC profiles. Furthermore, it seamlessly adheres to PCIe Gen5x16 specifications through its primary (and sole) PCIe slot, functioning in 8x/8x mode. Networking features include a 2.5Gbit port and wireless WiFi-6 connectivity facilitated by the Intel AX101 NIC.

The H770YTX Terminator is priced at 899 RMB ($126), making it the second offering in the fresh YTX series, succeeding the H610 KING board, which is listed at 666 RMB, according to reports from Chinese media. Regrettably, there are no indications that this design will be released in the global market.

Via ITHome