Melgeek Mojo84 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review


Now you can use the Mojo84 a few different ways. The most common would be to just plug it in to your PC with the included USB cable. You can also use the included wireless receiver and use it wirelessly via 2.4 GHz or switch it into Bluetooth mode and connect it wirelessly that way. If you want to use the keyboard wirelessly I would suggest 2.4 GHz mode, but it is nice that you can connect it via Bluetooth for devices like tablets and others that may not have a USB port. I had no issues getting the Mojo 84 connected to my PC using the dongle or in Bluetooth mode.

I have been using the Mojo84 for the past few weeks now as my daily driver. I think the big thing for a lot of people will be getting used to the form factor and size of the keyboard. For me it was not that big of a deal as previously I was using the iQunix A80, which is an 80% keyboard. The only real thing that was a bit different for me was that the delete key was not in the top right corner like it was on the iQunix A80. The angle of the keyboard worked will for me and I didn’t feel like it was too flat or at too much of an angle. The MDA key profile was quite good too and I was able to easily locate keys without looking. Also the more contoured design of the keycaps kept my fingers from slipping off, which makes it so I was not accidently pressing other keys.

Now let’s talk about those switches. As I mentioned we have custom Kailh PLASTIC switches, which are made to match this keyboard, but man I am in love with these switches. They actually have a lighter actuation than Brown switches and a better sound and feel than reds. These linear switches are very responsive and if you are a speed typer then you’ll absolutely love them. I really felt like I was “in the zone” when typing on this keyboard. These are actually pretty quiet overall and I would say you could use this keyboard in an office environment without really disturbing anyone. Below is an audio sample of what the Mojo84 sounds like with the PLASTIC switches.

Melgeek Mojo 84

There is per-key RGB backlighting on this keyboard, but if you are using this keyboard in a room with any light you really are not going to notice it. The keycaps really do not allows the light to shine through and no other LEDs we added to the chassis. Below the first photo is with my office lights turned on and the other three are with just the light from my monitor.

Melgeek Mojo84 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Melgeek Mojo84 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Melgeek Mojo84 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Melgeek Mojo84 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard


You can customize this keyboard using the KBTools software that can be downloaded from the Melgeek website.

In the software you can easily remap any of the keys on the keyboard, set up macros, change the RGB backlighting, set up shortcuts, and even see the battery level and update the firmware. Sadly this software will only work when you have the keyboard connected via USB.

melgeek mojo84 ss1 melgeek mojo84 ss2 melgeek mojo84 ss3 melgeek mojo84 ss4 melgeek mojo84 ss5

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