Melgeek Mojo84 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Final Thoughts

When I first saw this keyboard I was instantly in love with the way it looked. The clear casing with the over-sized legends on the keycaps just went together so well. I think out of the box this is probably one of the best-looking keyboards that I’ve ever reviewed. It is going to be a keyboard that is really going to complete your setup and really stand out. If you look at this keyboard from any angle it looks good and you really can’t say that about most keyboards.

Now looking good is one thing, but if this keyboard is going to remain on my desk it has to be comfortable and perform well. Well no worries there as the Mojo84 is extremely comfortable. I always worry with keyboards that do not have any vertical adjustment, but this keyboard seems to sit at just the right angle for me. On top of that the custom PLASTIC linear mechanical switches are some of the best that I’ve used. If you are going to be doing a lot of typing with this keyboard you are going to love the feel of these switches. I felt like I was breezing through writing this review, e-mails, and more. In terms of gaming the switches were very fast and responsive and the more contoured keycaps actually made it so I didn’t accidently press the wrong key. These switches and keyboard in general are pretty quiet, so quiet in fact that you could probably get away with using this keyboard in an office setting.

Melgeek Mojo84 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

While I absolutely love this keyboard there are some things to note. The RGB lighting is basically non-existent unless you are in a dark room. The keycaps really don’t allow it to shine through and there is no other lighting on the chassis of the keyboard. Also the keycaps are ABS, not PBT. While these are pretty solid ABS keycaps because of their double-shot design, PBT keycaps would likely feel better and show less shine and wear.

This is one of those keyboards that is ready to go out of the box that really feels like a custom-built keyboard and I love that! Many people (myself included) have not really got into building their own custom keyboard yet, but want something that doesn’t look or feel like your typical gaming or mechanical keyboard. The Mojo84 is just that and it is going to not leaving my desk anytime soon! Right now Melgeek has a Kickstarter campaign going on where you can pledge $179 and pick the keyboard up. After the Kickstarter is over (which is fully funded) the keyboard will retail for $229. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Melgeek Mojo84 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard a 9 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

rating9 10 TC award editorschoice

– Extremely unique design
– Excellent switches
– Comfortable and responsive
– Can be used wired or wireless
– Matching included USB cable
– Can be programmed via software

– RGB lighting can only really be seen in a dark room
– ABS and not PBT keycaps

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