[Updated] Micro Center Details NZXT’s New Phantom Case

A tip was sent into us that on Micro Center’s Facebook they had announced a contest with the new NXZT Phantom Gaming Case pictured. As soon as we took a look at the post it was taken down, but we did manage to get a screenshot. The new case from NZXT will be called the Phantom 820. It will be black, although I would suspect them to offer it in white as well. The case does look very similar to the original Phantom with a different sort of “V” shape for the side panel window. Very interesting as this comes 10 days before the official launch of the product.

Micro Center Details NZXT's New Phantom 820 Case

It seems now that Micro Center has put the picture and post back up but have covered up the “820”. Seems like a PR disaster for both Micro Center and NZXT!

UPDATE: It seems that the case pictured above is the NZXT Phantom 410, not the new Phantom, as NZXT pointed out to us.

Source: Facebook | News Archive

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