Micron Announces 7400 NVMe Enterprise SSDs

Micron has recently launched the 7400 series NVMe SSDs for the enterprise. It focuses on security and high performance among data centers.

The new Micron drives have seven form factors, that include a PCIe 4 M.2 2280, that offers power loss protection. The more traditional options include 2.5-inch U.3 having both 14mm and 7mm thickness used for front-access server platforms. There are also other three varying sizes of the recent E1.S enterprise SSD form factor (EDSFF). The company claims that the different options provide a range of greater density and additional cooling options. Capacities vary between 400GB and 7.68TB.

7400 Group Vertical scattered 1068x601 1

The Micron 7400 drives are entirely vertically integrated. This means that Micron produces all parts of the device, including the NAND, firmware, controller, and DRAM.

The 7400 SSDs support up to 128 namespaces and allows logical division of the SSD into smaller segments, each with its I/O submission and completion lines. Thus the I/Os from each namespace don’t interfere with one another, making it best for storage sharing over high-bandwidth fabrics.

As these are enterprise devices, the Micron 7400 SSDs are strengthened with standards-based specifications like TCG-Opal 2.01 and IEEE-1667, moreover safeguards such as Micron’s Secure Execution Environment (SEE). It utilizes a security microprocessor and dedicated memory to safeguard data at rest.

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The Micron 7400 SSDs are now launched. However, the pricing information has not been received yet.