Micron Starts Shipping 20nm GDDR5 DRAM Chips

During its Q3 FY-2015 earnings call Micron Technology announced that they have began shipping GDDR5 memory chips based on its 20 nm class node. The company is shipping 8 Gb (1GB) GDDR5 memory chips. We do know that the GDDR5 memory space has been quite saturated by companies like Samsung and SK Hynix.


Micron has been reported to be acquiring Japanese DRAM company Elpida, which also makes GDDR5 chips for graphics cards, notebooks and consoles. The GDDR5 memory standard is really on its way out with AMD implementing high bandwidth memory (HBM) on its new high-end Fury X graphics card and NVIDIA is expected to use HBM on its upcoming Pascal GPU family. Even so there are still many graphics cards to be sold using GDDR5 and we can’t forget about those refreshes!

Source: TechPowerUp! | News Archive

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