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Mid-Range Pascal Cards Will Use GDDR5-Class Memory

It has been speculated for a while now but it is more than likely that NVIDIA will make use of GDDR5-class (GDDR5X) memory in their mid-range Pascal graphics cards. Yesterday at GTC 2016 NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang showed off the NVIDIA Drive PX 2 compute module. This is our first glimpse of a mid-range GPU based on the Pascal architecture.

High Bandwidth Memory
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High Bandwidth Memory Detailed by AMD

Since we first started getting leaks about AMD's new graphics cards the big thing we were hearing about was High Bandwidth Memory (HBM). This will be the type of memory that will be used on AMD's Flagship graphics card in the Radeon 300 series and NVIDIA's Pascal GPUs in 2016. The whole idea behind HBM is to stack the memory modules to save space and also integrate them into the GPU package itself. This way the communication distance between the each of the modules and the GPU is reduced, which it turn increases bandwidth and power draw.

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