AMD Polaris Will Feature Both HBM2 and GDDR5

AMD has confirmed that its next generation Polaris graphics cards will feature HBM2 as well as GDDR5 memory. This makes sense as the more high-end cards will feature HBM2 and as we move down the product stack we will see graphics cards make use of GDDR5 memory.


AMD gave the following statement to the guys over at WCCFTech:

“AMD helped lead the development of HBM, was the first to bring HBM to market in GPUs, and plans to implement HBM/HBM2 in future graphics solutions.

At this time we have only publicly demonstrated a GDDR5 configuration of the Polaris architecture.It’s important to understand that HBM isn’t (currently) suitable for all GPU segments due to the current HBM cost structure. In the mainstream GPU segment, GDDR5 remains an extremely cost-effective, efficient and viable memory technology.”

While at CES Robert Hallock, Technical Marketing lead at AMD had this to say about HBM and GDDR5 concerning Polaris:

“We have the flexibility to use HBM or GDDR5 as costs require. Certain market segments are cost sensitive, GDDR5 can be used there. Higher-end market segments where more cost can be afforded, HBM is viable as well.”

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