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AMD RX Vega Chip
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AMD RX Vega Graphics Cards In Low Supply Till At Least October

DigiTimes is reporting that the current AMD shortage of RX Vega cards in the retail market will continue till at least October. They say this information comes from "sources from the upstream supply chain" and that the supply issue comes from the package integration of HBM2 memory (from SK Hynix or Samsung Electronics) and the Vega GPU (manufactured on Global Foundries' 14 nm FinFet).

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NVIDIA Volta Could Launch In Q3 2017

According to the latest reports NVIDIA launch their Volta GPU architecture in Q3 2017. If you remember, according to NVIDIA's own road-maps, Volta was expected to launch around early 2018. The report goes on to say the Volta products, apparently marketed to be the GeForce 20-series, will see an early launch due to market demands, and NVIDIA intention to further increase pricing of its products through a new-generation launch.

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NVIDIA Beats AMD To Market On HBM2

NVIDIA has beat AMD to market on HBM2 with their announcement of availability of their latest data center accelerator, the Tesla P100, which as it stands is the world's first HBM2-powered add-in-card. If you remember AMD pioneered HBM technology with its Fury line of graphics cards.

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AMD Vega 10 GPU Name Confirmed By Bethesda

Well it really was no secret, but it looks like Bethesda has confirmed it. AMD's upcoming Vega 10 GPU will be named the Radeon RX 490 and will feature 8GB of graphics memory. Bethesda announced that it will release a new HD texture pack for the PC version of Fallout 4. In this announcement Bethesda revealed the recommended system requirements and there it was listed!

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NVIDIA’s Next Graphics Card Series Will Be The GeForce X80 Series

According to a new rumor floating around it looks like NVIDIA will be changing up the naming for their upcoming GeForce graphics cards. Most of us expected the GeForce GTX 1000 series (that's what comes after 900, of course), but apparently that has too many digits. NVIDIA will instead call its next-generation high-end graphics card series the GeForce X80 series. This series will be based on the performance-segment "GP104" and high-end "GP100" chips. The GeForce X80 series will be made up of the GeForce X80 (performance), GeForce X80 Ti (high-end), and GeForce X80 Titan (enthusiast).

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SK Hynix Will Be Shipping 4GB HBM2 Stacks by Q3-2016

DRAM and NAND flash giant SK Hynix will be ready to ship its 4GB stacked second generation high bandwidth memory (HBM2) by Q3 of this year. These HBM2 packages will be made up of four 1GB dies, with a bandwidth-per-pin of 1 Gbps, 1.6 Gbps, and 2 Gbps, working out to per-stack bandwidths of 128 GB/s, 204 GB/s, and 256 GB/s, respectively.

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