AMD Vega 10 With HBM2 To Be Announced In Late 2016

According to sources, AMD will announced their first HBM2 GPU, “Vega 10” by the end of this year, at least for the professional market. So as expected we will see professional cards first, then enthusiast cards come after that. Remember that AMD has confirmed that Vega will be launching for the enthusiast market in the first half of 2017.


It is expected that AMD could announce Vega 10 at this year’s Supercomputer show in November, but no precise date has been mentioned. Initially Vega 10 will be aimed at the server and professional market.


According to the leak the top-end Vega 10 GPU will feature up to 16 GB of HBM2 memory. That is what you would see if you opened up one of NVIDIA’s P100 cards. There will also be a cut-down version of the card as well.

While AMD plans to announce Vega 10 late this year there will not likely be that many available. The general idea is to get customers excited and ship volume in early 2017.

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