Alphacool Unveils the Eisbrecher Radiator Series

With the Eisbrecher, Alphacool is introducing a new generation of radiators. The Eisbrecher radiators were designed specifically for silent operation and perform especially well when paired with slow-revolving fans. This makes the Eisbrecher ideal for anyone looking to build a quiet system.


The radiator core is made completely of copper, as usual for Alphacool, and the outer parts are made of aluminium. Both sides of the radiator have a honeycomb grille, under which lies the radiator’s truly innovative technology. The A.B.M., or air breaker mat, ensures even distribution of fresh air to the radiator. On normal radiators, the spaces underneath the fan hub and in the corners are dead spots with barely any air circulation. The A.B.M. works like a fan shroud and breaks up the incoming air so it circulates to every area. Because of the more even distribution of air, especially with slow-revolving fans, performance is greatly increased.


Another focus during the development of the radiator was the general feedback from the modding community, who are frequently looking to paint their radiators. To this end, the aluminium frame is easy to remove and customize. The radiator’s elegant and striking appearance is on a new level, not only optically but also haptically.


The Alphacool Eisbrecher is not replacing the existing NexXxoS series, but rather expanding it. Models for 140mm fans are on their way, as well as an LT variant of the Eisbrecher to fill further gaps in the portfolio.

The Eisbrecher 120 mm, 240 mm, and 360 mm variants are priced at 68.98€, 93.99€, and 118.99€, respectively.

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