ID-Cooling Announces the Icekimo 360 AIO VGA Liquid Cooler

ID-Cooling has announced a brand new all-in-one liquid cooling solution for graphics cards in the Icekimo 360. The Icekimo 360 is designed to support a wide variety of performance and enthusiast graphics cards with a full all-in-one liquid cooling loop with a pump block, 120 x 360 mm radiator, and a shroud with a 100 mm cooling fan.

id-1 id-2

The pump-block assembly has a copper base. The cooler shroud is actually 200 mm long, so be sure to take that into consideration. Also the cooler does not appear to have any VRM or memory cooling built-in. The shroud has green illumination over the logo as well as the frame of the fan. It does not appear that fans for the radiator are included. No pricing details were revealed either.

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