AMD RX Vega Graphics Cards In Low Supply Till At Least October

DigiTimes is reporting that the current AMD shortage of RX Vega cards in the retail market will continue till at least October. They say this information comes from “sources from the upstream supply chain” and that the supply issue comes from the package integration of HBM2 memory (from SK Hynix or Samsung Electronics) and the Vega GPU (manufactured on Global Foundries’ 14 nm FinFet). Apparently there are low yield rates for this packaging.

Although, some other sources have pointed towards the issue being with the packaging process itself, which is done by Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) through use of SiP technology. Whoever is to blame it seems like AMD’s choice to use HBM2 on Vega has hurt them, at least when it comes to supply of the cards.

AMD RX Vega Chip

DigiTimes has also reported that NVIDIA will be postponing the launch of their Volta-based GPUs until the first quarter of 2018. This is because of the lack of performance of the RX Vega cards.

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