Microsoft confirms Xbox Series X and S will run Fallout 4 at 60 FPS

Xbox has been doing really ell this generation. One of the key advantages it has over the PlayStation, is backward compatibility. Now, we have some details on how well this will work on the Xbox Series X and S. Microsoft has just confirmed that both the consoles will run the older Fallout 4 at 60 FPS.

Microsoft made the announcement on the Xbox website, confirming that Fallou4 will run at 60 FPS on its new-gen consoles. We have previously heard about the performance enhancements of the new Xbox consoles. However, this seems to be the first confirmation with some details:

“In addition however, the backward compatibility team has developed new methods for effectively doubling the framerate on select titles. While not applicable for many titles due to the game’s original physics or animations, these new techniques the team has developed can push game engines to render more quickly for a buttery smooth experience beyond what the original game might have delivered due to the capabilities of the hardware.”

There was also a video to show the improvements:

Microsoft also discussed its new Auto HDR feature, which will automatically add HDR to SDR games:

“Auto HDR enhances the visual quality of an SDR game without changing the original artistic intent of the game. Auto HDR is implemented by the system so developers don’t have to do any work to take advantage of this feature. Also, since Auto HDR is enabled by the console’s hardware, there is absolutely no performance cost to the CPU, GPU or memory and there is no additional latency added ensuring you receive the ultimate gaming experience.”

Well, it looks it will be 60 FPS in 1440p on the Series S and 4K on the Series X. Both consoles will hit the shelves on November 10th. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments, down below!

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