Microsoft Started Testing Dolby Vision on Xbox Consoles

According to fresh data, company members get access to new technology, while Microsoft has itself announced that it has started testing Dolby Vision HDR for Xbox Series X and Series S owners through its Xbox Insiders program. The company promised last year that the Xbox Series X and Series S would be among the first consoles to support Dolby Vision HDR gaming, so it is no wonder that the situation develops like this now.

System testing was conducted in March 2021. At the time, it was stated that games with Dolby Vision HDR were limited to no more than 60Hz, but Microsoft and Dolby are working with display vendors to get support for 120Hz.

Supported Games

When it comes to Dolby Vision, the most basic thing to know is that games will look better and colors will be more saturated. The technology supports dynamic metadata, so game color schemes are adjusted based on this changing metadata. When it comes to the supported games, Microsoft hasn’t announced this list yet. According to reports in March, all Xbox games that support HDR allow Dolby Vision HDR to be played as well. Many hope that Moon Goddess slots will be one day in the supported game list available to all users.

Supported Devices

Dolby Vision is supported by a wide range of devices and gadgets. You’ll need a TV that supports the format. So, if you are streaming content from a box or stick, you’ll need to ensure that this device is also compatible with Dolby Vision. The same refers to gaming purposes. The TV manufacturers that commonly support Dolby Vision are as follows:

  • LG;
  • Hisense;
  • Sony;
  • Philips;
  • Panasonic;
  • and TCL.


Most TVs that work with Dolby Vision come with the approved logo or have a mention of it in the official description. So, make sure that you check this information.