Microsoft Surface Pro 4 To Launch With Windows 10 and be Powered By Skylake

Microsoft’s Surface has gained a lot of traction since the introduction of the Surface Pro 3 and many people regard it as the best hybrid in the business. The Surface Pro 3 has been out for almost a year now and we definitely know that Microsoft is working on a new version that will be compatible with all existing accessories of the Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has confirmed that they will indeed launch Windows 10 this summer. This new operating system will ship with the new Spartan web browser that has Cortana built in, reading view, and support for on-screen hand drawn notes. There would be no better device to show off Windows 10 and these features than a new Surface product. So we could in fact see a summer launch for the Surface Pro 4.

Another rumor that we have been hearing is that the Surface Pro will run on an Intel Skylake processor. This would make the Surface Pro the first device to use Skylake and it would have it exclusively. Skylake would be more powerful than its predecessors, smaller in size, and use less power. This would definitely be a value-add to the new surface device.

Microsoft could use a Broadwell processor with the new Surface, but they would see a drastic decrease in performance, but would save on battery life.

Finally Microsoft has confirmed that they will be axing the RT versions of the tablets, so both Surface and Surface Pro devices will run on a full version of Windows 10.

Source: The Fuse Joplin | News Archive

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