Microsoft to Kill Windows 7 Earlier than Anticipated

Microsoft’s newest CEO Satya Nadella, is pressing into motion a whole new way of making money for the software giant. New plans to kill the World favorite Operating System Windows 7 way before its time, just as companies have started to update from the “Never Say Die” Window’s XP. Now companies will have to dig deeper into their pockets for updates for their newly bought Software upgrade (WINDOWS 7) and Mainstream Support, typical end users will be semi forced to upgrade to Windows 9. It appears that Vista and Windows 8 have both been too much of a loss for the company and end users will have to Migrate to Windows 9 a lot sooner than most of us were ready to. The End User or common Desktop user will have no more support after This coming January. The first Report said.

Microsoft To Pull Plug on Windows 7 Support

Okay.. that was Old News.


Microsoft change its tune soon after the news broke over the Pulling of the Plug of Windows 7, but they have said that there will be no more design changes, warranty Claim and especially no more No-Charge Incident reports. It must have been the ringing of the phones at Microsoft after the Commercial Customers got wind of what was happening. But Businesses will still have to pay for Extended Service until the Year 2020.

Microsoft has been plagued by its own Success of the World renowned Windows XP and now Windows 7 is the new XP for die-hard Desktop users. That said the software companies are not writing too much for Windows 8 or 8.1 and Microsoft is worried that Windows 9 might run into this same fate. So a New Slash and Burn Policy has been implemented with the Software Giant to try and make Windows 9 the success they hope for.

What are their goals. The want to sell more Windows 8 machines so that when Windows 9 comes out there will be no more disaster as it was for Vista and Windows 8. Window’s 8 was reported to be the 2nd. biggest flop of the Year and they don’t want to soon win that title again with Nine. So the heat is On !

Source: Yahoo | News Archive

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