Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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Windows 10
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Microsoft Announces Windows 10

Microsoft has officially announced their next version of Windows and they are calling it Windows 10, not Windows 9 like we all thought. Microsoft says that Windows 10 represents the first step of a whole new generation of Windows. Windows 10 will run on a multitude of different devices and be a single platform and have a single application store. Microsoft says Windows 10 is their most comprehensive platform, ever.

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Windows 95 Turns 17 Today!

Today, 17 years ago Windows 95 was released. The Windows 95 operating system really drove the personal computer revolution and really was the starting point for the operating systems we are using today. Windows 95 was a huge success for Microsoft as it quickly became the most popular operating system available. This popularity caused an antitrust case against Microsoft because they had bundled their Internet Explorer internet browser with Windows 95.


God Mode in Windows 7

It may be hyperbolically named, but Windows 7’s God Mode is indeed omnipresent. It conveniently puts hundreds of settings from all around the operating system all in one place. It is really easy to setup and use. Read on to see how to turn on God Mode and make your Windows 7 experience even better….

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