Microsoft Is Finally Getting Rid of Windows 95-Era Icons

It is shocking to know that the latest Windows 10 still uses icons from Windows 95. Microsoft has been redesigning icons slowly but now Microsoft has finally decided to change all the old icons through the 21H2 update which is expected to arrive this fall.

The 21H2 update is codenamed Sun Valley which will update all the icons found in Shell32.DLL which includes the following icons: hibernation mode, networking, floppy drives, and more. Icons that are part of this DLL pop up through several dialog boxes across the OS.

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Although Microsoft had included new icon designs in its Windows 10 but they had to be updated since they were not in sync with the latest design language. This resulted in an inconsistent look and feel, especially for an OS that is striving to be the go-to choice for next-generation desktop and replace the legendary Windows 7.

It is expected that Microsoft will finalize the Windows 10 Sun Valley by July. The update will be the first major release for Windows 10 after version 2004 which was delivered in early 2020. The 212H1 is expected to arrive this month.

Via WindowsLatest