How does playing video games affect your vision?

Both kids and adults are so wild about video games these days. Especially in this past year when we didn’t have much to do, some of us turned to Netflix while others shifted their focus to online video games. It’s not a secret that the gaming industry has seen explosive growth in spite of the lockdown.

If you think of gaming as only a hobby, you may need to change your mind. With the rise of online gaming platforms where gamers build communities, gaming became a mode of social interaction while practising social distancing.

The growth in the number of online gamers during the pandemic shows how gaming helped people find an outlet for human interaction amidst isolation.

While we aren’t denying the positive side of video games, we want to make sure that you are not hurting your eyes.

Whether you are a kid playing Minecraft or an adult playing Call of Duty, the screens of your smartphones or 4K monitors are doing no good to your eyes.

How does gaming affect your eyes?

In a world led by technology, there is no escaping from digital screens. Whether you play on your TV or your smartphone or computer, your eyes have to constantly work hard to focus on the screen.

Playing video games is a lot different for your eyes than looking at printed material. Your eyes know at what distance they have to focus when you are reading a book or paper. But, when you are playing a video game, you have to change focus continuously to see the moving images.

This intense focusing leads to eye strain. Your eye muscles get tired from shifting the focus. This is why many people wear gaming glasses in the UK when they indulge in the pleasures of online gaming.

Here are some of the negative effects of gaming on your eyes.

Computer vision syndrome

Playing video games for prolonged hours can lead to short-term vision problems also known as computer vision syndrome.

The reason why focusing on digital screens is so difficult is that these screens have a high amount of short blue waves. They reduce the contrast and your eyes get tired quickly.

Also, most professional gamers play while sitting in a dark room. It kind of keeps their concentration on the screen. But, when you don’t have men’s glasses on with gaming filters on the lenses, the low light levels in the room can make it difficult for your eyes to adjust to the different light levels. And the blue light which is emitted from their devices is strongly felt by their eyes.

We think it’s safe to put the blame of eye strain on your digital screens. Computer vision syndrome is not only limited to visual discomforts. It could also lead to headaches and pain in your shoulders and neck.

How to prevent eye strain when gaming?

The best way to prevent eye strain from gaming is to wear gaming glasses. They are just like your computer glasses for the fact that they also have a blue light filter. However, the style of these glasses is what sets them apart from other eyewear. They are designed in a way so you can wear them with your gaming headsets.

Pros of gaming glasses

The best benefit you get out of these glasses is more relaxed and pleasant screentime. You won’t feel eye strain even when you play for long hours. They will cut down the blue light damage by not allowing it to reach your eyes.

One more thing that gaming glasses do is reduce glare. If you play games in a brightly lit room or where direct sunlight comes in, the light that’s reflected on your screen can cause screen glare which distracts your vision and doesn’t let you see the screen clearly.

With men’s or women’s glasses having anti-reflective cove filters, you don’t have to worry about glare. It will clear up your visual field helping you perform better.

Gaming is not always bad. But, it can be significantly damaging for your eye when you do it non-stop for 8 or 10 hours.

Make sure your eyes are covered with the best protection of gaming glasses. Wearing these glasses will only help your eyes to cooperate during those long gaming sessions.