One Netbook Technology Announces One XPLAYER Handheld Gaming Console With Intel Tiger Lake

Today One Netbook Technology has announced their new hand-held console, Xplayer. The hand-held console offers three Tiger Lake-based variants with different storage capacities. All variants share the same high-resolution screen.

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The high-end variant, Ultimate Edition has a Core i7-1185G7 processor with either 1TB or 2TB storage. Next in line is the Pro Edition which has a Core i7-1165G7 CPU paired with 0.5/1TB/2TB of storage. The last one in the series is Standard Edition which will house the Core i5-1135G7 and will have up to 1TB storage.

In comparison to similar devices by the company, One Notebook has given Xplayer the high-definition screen upgrade. A 4K resolution screen won’t be suitable with an 8.4-inch screen as it would affect the frame rate and battery life. However, the 8.4-inch screen can go great with 1080p which is what the company has advertised in gaming performance.

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The Xplayer also has a Turbo button which increases the power limit from 20W (PL1) and to 28W to 40W from 35W (PL2).

The device has great specifications but till now it has been only seen on paper and in official photoshoots. There are no public reviews available considering the fact that the company has hosted public demos.

The most exciting feature is the support for external GPU. Xplayer can be paired with GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics, which is something very unusual, but why would a handheld console even need an external GPU? This is a million-dollar question!

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If you are considering supporting the company on Indiegogo then you should have a look at the device’s dimensions and weight. It is 2x, thicker, and wider than Aya Neo and has twice the weight of a Nintendo Switch.

The mass production of One Xplayer is expected to start in June and the first batch will arrive somewhere between June to July. As far as the pricing is concerned, under the Indiegogo campaign, all the variants will be launched with a discount. The Ultimate Edition will cost 1,499 USD/1,250 EUR, which includes a 100 USD special discount during the. The “Pro Edition” will cost 959 USD/798 USD, which is 17% less compared to its retail price of 1,159 USD. The “Standard Edition” will cost 819 USD/682 EUR, which is 22% cheaper than its retail price of 1059 USD.

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Via Indiegogo