Intel Xe-HPG Based DG2-128EU GPU Board Diagram Leaked

Previously, Intel’s DG2-128EU GPU was leaked by Igor Wallossek and once again Igor has leaked another board diagram of the Intel DG2 family GPU. The board design is a proposed draft that includes DG2-128EU GPU (BGA1379 socket) as well as Intel Tiger Lake-H (8-core CPU). The design also shows that the board has 6 memory modules out of which only two appear to be attached to the GPU. However, the DG2-128EU based Intel Xe is expected to feature up to 4GB GDDR6 RAM.

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It is expected that the previously leaked DG2-384EU will have the same specifications as the 512EU and is expected to feature more memory modules surrounding the GPU and a bigger die in comparison to the leaked designs.

The DG2 might support PCIe Gen4 x12 and DisplayPort 2.0:

As per another leaked diagram, there is a possibility of DG2 offering support for HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 2.0, and if it’s true it will be the first GPU to support DP 2.0. It is not surprising to see no HDMI 2.1 support considering the age of this diagram. The diagram also has PCIe Gen4 support. There are three variants in the DG2 GPU and not all of them require all 12 lanes.

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The number of SKUs:

Up till now, we know that DG2 GPU will have five SKUs that will have up to 512EUs (4096 shading units), 16GB GDDR6 RAM, and a TGP range of up to 150W. The interesting thing to note is that SKU1 (aka 512EU variant) might not be the only variant that will be based on this GPU as there are rumors that Intel is working on the 416EU variant which makes sense too.

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Igor has also provided an accurate estimate of the DG2 scheduled production date too. As per Igor, SKU4 and SKU5 will enter mass production from weeks 43 to 50 (late October to mid-December) while SKU1, 2, and 3 productions will start from mid-December.

Via Igor’s Lab