Salad Is Inviting Gamers To Build World’s Largest Supercomputer

Salad is a decentralized computing infrastructure founded back in 2018. It uses the power of gaming PCs to mine Ethereum and gives rewards to gamers like gift cards in exchange for their PC’s computational power.

The company is successful as the community has grown so large that its computational power is more than the 9th fastest supercomputer in the world. Considering this Salad’s CEO, Bob Miles, has announced expansion into other workloads like AI, rendering workloads, and medical research.

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The company’s CEO founded the company with the aim of diversification considering how the Internet is becoming more common with each passing day hence he wants the company to be as diverse as possible and to run on the highest number of PCs possible.

In order to get rewards from Salad, you can mine Ethereum or refer people to the program. They generated $500,000 in rewards to customers in the last three months already and the CEO says the figure will increase once the company has diversified.

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You can use Salad to initiate mining considering the $500,000 mining reward but do remember the rewards are 1/36 of the actual earning which means the earning was roughly $3.6 million.

Via TechPowerUp