Windows 10 Support to End October 14th, 2025?

An interesting update has hit Microsoft’s Windows 10 support life cycle page in which they list the retirement date for Windows 10 as October 14th, 2025. This is for both Home and Pro versions of the operating system. Previously the page had listed support end dates for various release versions of Windows 10, but not the entire OS as a whole. This basically confirms the fact that Windows 10 will not be the “the last Windows OS ever” as Microsoft has stated before.

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This likely means that we are going to get a brand new version of Windows. One can only assume that it will be called Windows 11. No official word from Microsoft yet, but they did announce they will be unveiling the next generation of Windows on June 24th. Could that next generation be a completely new version of Windows and not an update to Windows 10? I guess we’ll find out!

Via Windows 10 Support Page

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