Microsoft Will Refresh Its Xbox Series S With 6nm AMD APU Featuring 20+ Compute Units

Youtuber Moore’s Law is Dead (MLID) recently posted a video discussing the rumors regarding Microsoft’s plan to update Xbox Series S|X gaming console.

Xbox Series S X

As per the video, Microsoft will update both variants of its console at the start of 2022. The refresh will start with Xbox Series S. It will receive a 6nm based AMD Zen APU. The 6nm is a refined version of the 7nm process, which will provide higher manufacturing yields, and eventually, Microsoft can enable full 24 Compute Units from its Xbox Series S APU.

The current Series S has 20 Compute Units. However, 4 are disabled to preserve good yields and a continuous supply of the console. The Youtuber states that the console might get 50% faster through increased Compute Units and possibly higher clock speeds.

XboX Series S 2022

The refreshed console will cost more than the current version. It is expected that the refreshed XSS will be around 350 USD which is 50 USD more than the current model’s price. Simultaneously Microsoft will bring down the price of their 2020 models to 189-249 USD, the rumor alleges. This means that Microsoft will sell both models simultaneously.

Xbox Series S 1 850x289 1

It is not known whether the console will use Zen2 or rather a Zen3 architecture. In 2022 AMD will release its Rembrandt APU with RDNA2 and Zen3 microarchitecture, a second-generation Zen3 mobile product. Considering the changes in Cezanne (Zen3) silicon, it is not possible to carry out an architectural swap yet.

Moreover, MLID claims that the refresh will arrive in 2023 or later. No details on console specifications were shared.