Middle Finger Emoji Being Added to Windows 10

If there is one Emoji that has been missing from both iOS and Android it is the middle finger! It is the perfect way to tell someone just how you feel. Well Microsoft is adding this Emoji along with several others to Windows 10. Microsoft is the first to have the guts to add this emoji to their operating system.


If you are an iOS / OSX user you know that last month with the latest update Apple added hundreds of new emoji’s, but of course not the middle finger. Android users also have quite a lot of different emoji’s to play with, but once again if you wanted to flip someone the bird you couldn’t.

According to Emojipedia Windows 10 will include the middle finger emoji, on top of that it will be available in various skin tones from light to dark and even a grey option.

The “reversed hand with middle finder extended” has actually been an official emoji since the Unicode Consortium added it last year as part of the Unicode 7.0 update, but it looks like Microsoft is the only one to embrace it so far.

Source: HotHardware | News Archive

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