Miles Morales Actor Teases Spider-Man 2 Co-Op Mode

Although there are several noteworthy games lined up for the latter half of the year, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is likely to generate the highest level of anticipation, perhaps alongside Starfield.

Insomniac hit the jackpot with their 2018 game, creating not only the finest Spider-Man game but also one of the greatest superhero titles ever produced. This accomplishment was met with critical acclaim and phenomenal sales, establishing it as one of the most successful PlayStation 4 games ever released.

In addition to Miles Morales, which was initially released as a PlayStation 5 launch title but also made available on PS4, the Marvel’s Spider-Man series had already sold over 33 million units a year ago. Furthermore, both games were subsequently released on PC in late 2022 and garnered significant sales on that platform as well.

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During the September 2021 PlayStation Showcase, the announcement for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 took place. The trailer showcased a collaboration between Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they confronted a fresh menace – Venom.

Since then, enthusiasts have been engaging in speculation about the possibility of a co-op feature in the sequel, although Insomniac has consistently referred to the game as a single-player experience.

However, during a SacAnime panel, the voice actor for Miles Morales, Nadji Jeter, appeared to hint at the existence of a co-op mode. At the 5:00 mark, a member of the audience inquired about the support for co-op in Marvel’s Spider-Man, to which Jeter responded:

I believe it has been….I think it has been announced. I don’t know if it’s been announced or not, but I think so.

Additionally, the actor tantalizingly suggests that symbiotes will have a significant presence in the upcoming sequel. In a later segment of the video clip, he discusses how Miles will employ ingenious techniques with his web-slinging abilities in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

We were like, ‘Okay, what can we do to gradually show the progression of him?’ and that was the swinging and the flipping in the air, you know, his acrobatics. But yeah, we got a lot more funny stuff because he gets clever with his webs in this next one. He gets real clever, so y’all stick around for Part 2 because y’all gonna be like ‘What?’ He’s getting the hang of it now.

In relation to the co-op mode, it is plausible that Jeter, who also portrayed Sam in The Last of Us, may have misspoken. However, there is a strong possibility that he unintentionally revealed an announcement that was originally intended for a later time.

The upcoming PlayStation Showcase, scheduled to be aired on May 24, is expected to place significant emphasis on the game, making it the primary highlight. If there is indeed a co-op mode to be unveiled, it would be an ideal occasion for such an announcement.

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