MINI For Life

Can you instantly spot a difference between MINI and any other vehicle you have ever seen? Do you feel something unusual, do you see something extra, when you see a MINI or when you drive one? It would come with no surprise, if you would definitely feel something, which will make you think – what makes MINI so unique? And then the sudden realization would come. You would understand that a strange vibrant fringe you felt was love. Every metallic detail of MINI is filled with live and care of every single our employee, and it is face towards you, whoever you are. If you drive a MINI, it makes no difference, whether you are a financier or a delivery boy, a housewife with three kids or a flourishing entrepreneur. We do not care who you are, because if you drive a MINI, you feel our love, and you feel our love, you crave a Friend For Life. Because MINI is not just a car.

Everyone who possesses a MINI knows that MINI is a far beyond an ordinary car. It is an item so irreplaceable and so important, that sometimes even the coffee maker in the morning cannot compete with it. MINI is a friend, a true friend for life, which we dream of when we are young and try not to forget about when we get older.

We have always dreamed of a friend with no flaws, a friend which will be there for us even when we have no power to ask for help, a friend, who will stand beside every step of the way.  Together with the MINI you raise your children, you teach them spiritual values, ​​you instill in them the concepts of good and evil, you show them love and responsibility, you let them go, you watch them to endeavor in the search of their own happiness. And every step of the way MINI is always there beside you. MINI is not just a car. This is a true friend and an assistant, MINI is almost a family member.

That is why MINI aims to be by your side till the end of your life, like an invisible participant of all the most important events, whether it is the birth of a child, the birth family or the birth of friendship. MINI is a friend for life, irreplaceable, gentle, sensitive and attentive. After all, every member of a huge company is thinking about you, cares about you and loves you, whoever you are.