Mobile Gaming Growing Up into A Billion-Dollar Market

The global gaming market will reach over $115 billion in 2018, over $50 billion was accounted through mobile gaming itself that’s nearly half of all global gaming revenue. 80% of the app revenue of Apple’s IOS App and Google Play Store comes from mobile games. The growth of the mobile gaming industry has also given way to whole new and emerging groups of gamers in addition to driving up time spent and play frequency from previously existing demographics. In present, mobile games are more popular among women than men also older consumers play more mobile games than teens. The advancements in mobile technology has formed a perfect foundation for the mobile gaming industry’s success, a person can now fit a video game in their pocket and take it with them anywhere. The success of the mobile gaming industry has not only attracted new audiences but also the attention of new game franchises, content creators and an influx of ad dollars from brands of all types seeking to reach a global gaming audience.

Mobile Gaming Industry VS Other Industries

The financial success of mobile gaming is also competitive with other industries and brands. For a bit of context, the global mobile gaming market generated $50.4 billion in revenue during 2017 as per Newzoo records, $10.5 billion more than the worldwide box office credits Hollywood Reporter. Mobile gaming revenue also overshadow the global tea market, which earned $33.3 billion in 2017 (Statista), and the $19.6 billion UK consumers were predicted to spend on Valentine’s Day in 2018 (NRF). Most interestingly, the mobile gaming industry’s 2017 revenue sits just below Costa Rica’s 2016 GDP of $57.4 billion (World Bank).

How Much Time Is Spent Playing Mobile Games?

As mobile technology evolves and adoption continues, consumers are not only spending an increasing amount of time on social media, but devoting more time to mobile gaming apps. Average Adult in UK spends 23 minutes a day playing mobile games, and the heavy gamers dedicate significantly larger time.

Who’s Playing Mobile Gaming Apps? 

Currently, there are more than 2.1 billion mobile gamers worldwide, with the world’s mobile gaming population expected to rise to over 2.7 billion by 2021 (Statista). China is leader in mobile gaming where it is most popular. Mobile gaming primarily dominated by two demographics: females and consumers aged 65 and older. Also more female gamers are willing to pay for the game or want to book online slots UK compare to males.

What Does The Mobile Gaming Industry Growth Mean For Marketers?

Mobile gaming is dominating the entire global gaming industry is converging trends noted by marketers, brands, and advertisers. According to a report, brands are now realizing the viability of advertising to mobile game app audiences in a variety of new and novel ways.

As the mobile gaming industry becomes increasingly competitive and saturated, several top gaming franchise are turning to influencer marketing to drive downloads, reach, and create awareness with some companies allocating the vast majority of advertising spend on social media influencers. Growing mobile gaming audiences present advertisers with massive opportunity.

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