Mobile is the Future of the Gambling Industry and Here’s Why

The gambling industry has also struggled quite a bit last year because of the pandemic. Many land casinos and bookies were forced to temporarily close due to lockdowns. For the first time in forever, gambling hotspots like Las Vegas and the Atlantic City looked dull and empty.

However, it wasn’t all bad for the gambling business last year as the mobile sector has made it possible for the industry to thrive despite a pandemic. Real money players have turned to Online Casino Mobile Games and true enough, many online casino operators reported a surge in their traffic since the pandemic has started.

Mobile Gambling Before the COVID-19 Pandemic

While mobile gambling appears to have been positively impacted by the pandemic, it has always been forecasted to grow in the next few years. Even before the pandemic, the online gambling market size was already worth over 50 billion US dollars. Experts predict that it could grow up to over 100 billion US dollars by 2027 with a CAGR of 11.5 percent from 2020 until then.

Even before the lockdowns, people were starting to get more inclined to play games with their mobile devices and that includes real money gaming. There are a few great reasons as to why people are starting to prefer to gamble online and mobile and here are some of them.

  • Accessibility

Mobile tech has allowed gambling on the go. With a smartphone or tablet, people can play their favorite casino games anytime they want and even wherever they are. This is, of course, as long as they are connected to the internet.

Gambling apps have also made it easy for people to access their favorite online games and casinos. It’s generally a cheaper alternative too as traveling to casinos could cost them more. It’s simply convenient to be able to play a game of poker with your friends without having to get up from your bed.

  • Variety

When you visit a casino establishment, whatever games are on the casino floor, those are the only games that you will be playing. Online or mobile gambling has allowed gamblers to have thousands of choices when it comes to what games they could play.

Smartphones and tablets are now the power to let you play any casino games in quality and HD graphics. Players are no longer stuck with traditional casino games as they now come in different varieties. Playing online also makes it easy for players to jump from one casino to another.

  • Promos and Bonuses

While land casinos and bookies do offer promos and bonuses, online gambling companies appear to be more generous with this. Nowadays, there are hundreds if not thousands of online gambling sites that you can choose from. Of course, these casinos have to find ways to get more customers and they can only really compete in this by offering better promos and bonuses to their new and loyal customers.

Shopping for an online gambling site is also easier. This means that you can also easily shop for promos and bonuses that best suit your gambling styles and needs.

Overall, it’s just really convenient to play casino games with a mobile device. Surely land casinos still offer a different experience but not everyone can afford a trip to Las Vegas regularly. Thanks to online casinos, you can experience Las Vegas every day if you want to.

How the Future Looks Like for Online Gambling

Playing online games is one thing and playing on a mobile device is another. Mobile gaming is now becoming a bigger market as smartphones are starting to become cheaper yet powerful. Currently, it is estimated that there are around 4 billion smartphone users worldwide. This just means that the mobile gambling market can be that big.

Gambling companies are now shifting their focus on the mobile market and this is why many of them have already released native apps that users can download on their devices. Mobile gambling is getting better that it’s not just about gambling anymore.

There are now betting apps that not only feature betting services. A betting app can now allow you to keep track of the latest sports news and even allow you to play casino games. There is already growing competition when it comes to these gambling apps. Companies are constantly developing their apps and services for mobile users to choose them.


Overall, with or without a pandemic, the gambling industry’s future seems to heavily point towards the mobile market. The number of mobile users today is already enough reason for the industry to focus on this sector. As mobile tech gets better, we can only expect that industries like gambling will be focusing on the mobile market.