Points to Compare When Buying Top Smartphone Brands

Choosing the right smartphone can be daunting. You need to factor in a range of aspects in your decision, and that’s even before you start narrowing down on the mobile phone plans. With the plethora of smartphone brands to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make the right selection.

In the UK while Apple and Samsung account for the top brand names and own the biggest market share of smartphone manufacturers in 2019, there are several other players like Huawei, Sony, Nokia and Motorola releasing trendy smartphones.

A renowned smartphone model that aims to bring the top of the line features in your pocket or purse is that of Huawei P30 Lite. With high performance, superior camera clarity and ultimate battery backup, you can consider this unique smartphone as one of your choices.

Here are some pointers to help you make an analysis of the top smartphone brands and settle for the right option according to your budget and preferences:

  1. Price Range

Firstly, determine how much you are willing to invest in a smartphone. While high-end brands like Apple tend to be more expensive than their Android counterparts, you can find great options in the midrange and lower range models with exclusive features. You can also explore instalment options if you are unable to pay a hefty amount upfront. Nevertheless, there are several brands you can try if you are on a tight budget without compromising performance and features.

  1. Features

Make a list of the most critical features you require in your phone and use the checklist to compare different devices. Do you need a phone with a high-definition camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens like Huawei P30 lite? Maybe you need a phone for both personal and business use and hence prefer a dual sim. Or perhaps you are a frequent traveller and require a phone with extended battery life to manage all your activities on the go. These are some questions that you need to consider before understanding what features are a must for you and what are optional.

  1. Operating System

Consider the operating system of the brands – Android vs iOS. While both are convenient to use and support a wide variety of apps, Android provides greater choice at different price points. If you are used to the interface of Android and prefer more customisable options, the Android operating system may be the right choice for you.

  1. Specifications

If you are unsure about what specification you need in your smartphone, do your research and check with friends and family for recommendations. Here are a few standard specs to help you compare:

  • Design – The aesthetics of the phone plays a pivotal role in your decision. From design features like slim 3D curved glass to lightweight, check whether the phone is handy and devised for a comfortable grip.
  • Screen – You will probably spend a long time gazing at the screens, so ensure it’s easy on the eyes with good display quality and sharp picture quality. There are several phones like Huawei P30 lite that offer a full HD display and certified eye comfort for a comfortable viewing experience.
  • Camera – The choice in camera pixels and details can be bewildering due to the wide range of options. More than the megapixel, look out for value added features that enable you to produce dazzling photos with clear details and intelligent automatic settings.
  • Battery Life – Look at the battery life – the greater the specification of mAH, the powerful the battery charge. Besides, watching videos, gaming and browsing all day should not drain your battery and also check if there are quick-charge options.
  • Storage – Determine how much storage you need. Mostly, 64 GB gives you moderate storage and the more storage you have, the better the space for you to save photos, music and files. If there is improved storage, it can accommodate your growing needs of file saving capabilities.

Intelligent Features

Another point to check when comparing different brand names is to explore whether they have other features that enable you to make the most of your smartphone. Since smartphones have become part of our existence, it pays to have a phone with intelligent technology like AI-powered assistants for the curious explorers, shopaholics and for undertaking day-to-day activities.

The above are some quick pointers to help you decipher the right brand of smartphone. Make a well-informed analysis of the best options you have and then decide on the right choice that matches your needs and budget. Consider what features and specifications you value the most and then invest in the right brand accordingly.

It’s not necessary to settle with dominant market players; you can also explore several other brands like Huawei P30 lite that offer incredible features and performance at an affordable price point.