Next Generation Dating: Matchmaking Apps in 2021

Online dating has long been a common thing. Lots of people worldwide find new acquaintances through the Internet, as it is very simple and convenient. At the moment, we can use numerous mobile applications for this purpose in 2021. Let’s take a closer look at what they are in general and what features they have.

1.  Happn

This application is one of the most successful, along with such giants of international dating service as brides4love. The application creator, an architecture critic, has been working in the digital industry for over ten years. He supposes this app to be his best project. The platform bases its search on hyper geolocation technologies. It means that the service shows you only the people you have ever crossed paths with: maybe you attend the same library near your home or travel to Bali on the same plane. You may work together or buy pastries in the same bakery. So you do not need to make special dates, just meet in a familiar place.

However, Happn is relevant primarily for residents of large cities: users also write about this in the comments — if you do not live in a metropolis, it is hard to find a partner.

dating mobile 1

2.  Newpl

“The world is moving towards greater openness. We explore ourselves and our own desires. We go beyond monogamy and open up our relationships — for new experiences and new people” — it is written on the main page of the service.

The author of this candid app is a Ukrainian sex evangelist. The application, according to the developer, is created to help users find people with the same sexual interests: threesome sex, same-sex romance, and a one-night stand. An application for the courageous ones and those who are not afraid of experiments. However, the platform suggests not to forget about safety and health.

3.  Hater

The developers took as a basis the thesis: love and hate are just one step apart. The concept is simple: the app looks for potential kith, relying not on what we prefer but quite the opposite — on what cannot stand. After all, such a basis for a relationship is not worse than any other: we all sometimes want to share with someone how we can’t stand melted ice cream, long traffic jams, or garden gnomes.

dating mobile 2

Technically, this app is not much different from other ones: you swipe up for sympathy, down for hate. The service can offer about 2 thousand subjects for you to express hatred. These include cannabis, slow walking people, Donald Trump, buttock selfies, and more.

4.  ParkFace

The app is positioning itself as a social network. ParkFace is the brainchild of ParkSeason, a city park portal. Here you can find a companion for a picnic in the fresh air, dog walking, joint sports, visiting an ice rink or a museum. First, users select the gender and age of a potential companion, and the program suggests candidates who are nearby.