How to Select a Reliable File Converter

People often use file converters to transfer data between mailing services or migrate from one program to another. However, a folder with important correspondence or files can be damaged, lost, or leaked when using unreliable software. Besides, many people expect the software to have an extensive set of functions, meet the specified criteria for quality, safety, and reliability. So, let’s pay attention to the criteria which make file converters reliable.

Seven Key Characteristics of File Converters

If you are looking for a reliable Outlook to pdf converter tool, the criteria of quality will be the same as for other file converters. The main characteristics of software quality are listed below.

file converter 1

  • Functionality: A file converter is considered functional if it performs the tasks assigned to it and meets the specified user needs. In particular, it should easily convert files within the formats without the participation of a user.
  • Reliability: Converter’s reliability is understood as the uninterrupted execution of tasks assigned to it within a specified time.
  • Usability: This parameter characterizes the degree of user-friendliness of the converter, its intuitive interface, and tech support.
  • Efficiency: It corresponds to the level of the required performance under basic conditions.
  • Portability: The ease with which a converter can be transferred to another platform. Software quality assurance involves checking it for each of the listed parameters, identifying weaknesses, and eliminating faults.
  • Compatibility: The ability of converter components to interact with other software.
  • Security: In other words, it is the minimization of threats associated with unauthorized reading, loss of information, etc. Threats can also be associated with the incorrect use of the converter, technical failure, etc.

As you can see, the list of criteria for a reliable converter is extensive. If you think that at least 5 out of 7 mentioned criteria are fulfilled, such a converter can be considered as reliable.

file converter 2

Paid or Free: What Software to Choose?

Now you can find many options for paid and free software for almost any type of app. Moreover, it often happens that free software is practically not worse in functionality than a paid alternative. So, many people come up with a question of why to pay for it. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Free converters are not always supported by the developers. Meanwhile, paid counterparts are always supported and therefore their improvement does not stop.
  • Unlike paid converters, free alternatives may contain annoying advertisements, so you will pay for usage in another form.
  • Free software may contain malware (viruses) because it is rarely protected by paid anti-viruses.
  • Paid software may provide you trial versions or free access for limited days.
  • Paid converters are always licensed, so you can use them for corporate tasks.

Finally, we have provided a list of benefits in favor of using licensed paid software because it will be more reliable. As for the software characteristics, use our list of criteria to make sure that this particular converter is suitable for you!