How to do Secure File Sharing and why you need Gladinet Triofox

A few years ago, when we wanted to share files or documents with friends, practically the only option was to put those folders on a CD or a USB memory. It is useful and also safe, in most cases. However, it is not the most comfortable. Even more so when we want to send something to a person who is far away or we simply do not want to leave a physical device. Luckily today we have many options to share files over the Internet. But do we do it safely? In this article we will explain some aspects to take into account, and why Gladinet triofox is needed.

How to share files safely

A simple and secure way to send data is via email. But for this we cannot use any option if we want the files to be encrypted and safely. In any case, sharing files through e-mail is safe and reliable. The problem is that the vast majority of these platforms have a lower limit than what we may need. For example, if we want to share a folder with many photos of a trip with friends, it is surely impossible through an email.

That is why it is almost inevitable to have to use other platforms like Gladinet Triofox. Services that allow us to share large files. There are many options, however not all have the minimum guarantees so that our data is safe. Therefore, you have to look for platforms that have two-step verification and end-to-end encryption. Some services have these security options. They allow us to conveniently share files with friends and family, while keeping that data safe.

Not everything depends on the platform

But not everything depends on the platform that we are going to use. Keep in mind that it is something that we do not control. We do not know if they may have suffered an attack or at some point the data may be compromised. An interesting tip is to use some kind of encryption on those folders. In this way the person who receives them can decipher them, but not a possible intruder who interferes. The security of our own account is also very important. In this sense we have to enter a password that is strong and complex. We must avoid things like our name or data that relate us.

Gladinet Triofox

This is an option that is very worth considering if you want to share files securely to a local file server without depending on the presence of a VPN. One interesting thing about Triofox is that it eliminates the long sync to external storage that one is used to when dealing with other platforms. Broadly speaking, Triofox works by mobilizing your local file server and converting it to what is called a web file server. If you are already using a VPN to share files, Triofox will be more affordable and efficient. There is no longer any hassle with using a VPN, especially if you are a layman.

Just to note, when you decide to use a VPN service, you have to know everything from A to Z; create different connections from PCs and Macs, map drives to network shares, and much more. According to Triofox experts, the above step in online file sharing is impractical. Why not combine all the features you need into one easy-to-use platform? You don’t need to bother combining them because all have been provided by Triofox. Triofox provides a solution that accommodates Drive Mapping, File Locking, Mobile Sharing, and a Web Interface-based file manager. All in one online file server solution. This is the reason why you should look at Triofox secure file sharing right away.