Mobile-Optimized Gaming Experience: Improving Your Phone’s Performance

As an adventurous millennial or a dedicated multitasker, you may enjoy playing games on your phone. However, not all phones can offer the required performance and stability to run a gaming app. These simple mobile gaming tips come in handy for both dedicated and part-time gamers looking to boost their gameplay on both Android and iOS mobile phones.

Tips To Vastly Improve Your Phone’s Gaming Experience

Silence Notifications

When playing your favorite game, you don’t want your immersive gaming experience interrupted by dinner messages or other notification that may not be very important.  On your iOS, swipe the top right corner down from your home screen and select the “Do not disturb” icon. For Android users, swipe down from the top of your home screen and select the same option.

It’s possible to configure this mode to allow calls from important people and you’re also free to block notifications from different apps using the Apps & Notifications settings on Android. You’ll be able to get marathon bet deposit alerts by using this method and you’re also free to change the type of notification allowed as you enjoy the gaming session.

Reduce Clutter

Clutter can affect your phone’s performance, causing the game to slow or hand, with every extra stutter and lag reducing your chances of winning. That’s why it’s smart to leave a decent amount of free space on your smartphone for the games to have more room to work with. One of the easiest ways of doing that is uninstalling dormant apps and those that you no longer need.

In some cases, your smartphone may not be very heavy on apps but filled with videos and pictures on the internal memory. If that’s the case, consider safely offloading the pictures and videos to a cloud server. The iCloud Photo Library and Google Photos is among the best options for iOS and Android users.

Attach A Controller

While touchscreens offer a pretty responsive when playing games on mobile devices, they can’t match the amount of control that gaming consoles provide. That means your mobile gaming experience might suffer, especially when your favorite game requires you to have the ultimate control to win. Fortunately, there are plenty of third-party accessories out there for both Android and iOS users, costing from as low as $30.

Play On A Bigger Screen

If you need to get a clear picture of the game you’re playing, a bigger screen is always a great idea. You can cast both iOS and Android phones on a bigger display, though the options will vary depending on the phone’s model. Smartphones running Android 5.0 or higher can use Chromecast dongle to mirror their screen or use a device supporting the Google Home app.

Boost Battery Life

Intensive gaming can suck the battery life out of your handset, so ensure you’re saving as much energy as you can. Tap on your on the battery in your Android Settings menu, and you can easily see the apps draining your battery to help you know how you can restrict battery use. A similar option is also available for iOS users.

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