Mind-blowing Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks You Should Try Today

Remember that perfect wedding you saw on TV? Remember the photos that were shot? What about the videos? So, what’s running through your mind right now? You want you to be even better? Well, it’s not an illusion. It’s a reality. You can have that perfect wedding. You can shoot those stellar photos. You can make them envy your wedding. With a professional photographer, you can have mind-blowing photos. So, here is the deal: These wedding photographer ideas have been sampled from experts. Also, you can view Brisbane corporate video production examples for more inspirations. Use them and your photos will thank you for that.


A contract is a binding legal document. With a contract, you won’t have issues with payments. Imagine a couple breaking up. What if circumstances change? You won’t be paid, right? Without a contract, it will be hard to receive payment. So, prioritize a contract. So, have a written contract. It will bind both parties.

Visit Beforehand

Don’t wait until the D-Day to familiarize yourself with the wedding venue. It will make you panic and confused. Visit the site beforehand. With this technique, you will be at ease—especially with different locations of the venue.

Slotting the Quick Moments into Your Schedule

Look at the schedule. Look at the quick moments. What time will they cut the cake? What about the bouquet toss and confetti? Don’t forget the sparklers. Don’t let these moments happen while on something different. So, lockdown these moments—it will make things easier for you.

The Essentials

Bring in things like nice hangers, empty picture frames, as well as ring boxes. They will help you get even more creative—an important aspect of wedding photography.

A Shot List

Have a shot list. Get creative. Research about popular shots. Also, ask the couple to give you their opinion. With a shot list, you will get things going in the best way possible.

Prepare Well

Preparation is key. With preparations, you will get it right with photo locations, poses, etc. Plus, it will help you put your equipment in order. Things like spare batteries, timings, blank memory cards, as well as a backup plan can only be achieved with proper planning.

Consider Renting a Backup Gear

If you can, hire a backup gear. Alternatively, rent one. With a backup, you eliminate things to do with surprises. You won’t panic in case your camera fails.


Things can go wrong. So, it’s better to take a good Public Liability insurance. It will comprehensively cover you during the wedding day.

Fake it Until You Make It

Fake it until you can make it—that’s the message from wedding experts. So, practice more. Shoot fake wedding couples to perfect the art of taking great photos. Also, consider building up portfolio images.

Other Tips

Other tips include:

  • Get faster memory
  • Rehearse more
  • Dress well

The Bottom-Line

Shooting mind-blowing videos doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It takes creativity, confidence, and imagination to make it happen. The above tips will help you shoot wedding videos that embolden class and elegance.

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