Should You Trust VPNs that Market Themselves as “Cheap”?

A virtual private network or a VPN is like your bank account bodyguard. When you go strolling through the busy and risk lanes of public WIFI, your virtual private network shields you from passwordpocketers. It also keeps your computer out of unsafe areas. Thus, making it easy to trust the best VPN 2020. However, what most businesses and individuals don’t realize is that for your VPN to protect you, it has to link computers together, encrypt your online data, and sometimes your personal information.

So, when you get a VPN provider that markets their services as cheap, you immediately begin to wonder whether you should trust them. Well, should you trust VPNs that market themselves as “cheap”? The answer to this depends on the following factors.

  1. Traffic Logs

The first most essential aspect when choosing your VPN is the issue of privacy, especially the type of information your virtual network provider will keep about you. The traffic logs your VPN provider keeps can become a dealbreaker. If your preferred VPN provider doesn’t explicitly state that it has a no-logs policy, then you can safely assume that the provider logs lots of information about your downloading habits and how you use the VPN.

Cheap and reliable VPNs for 2020 despite their price will write down their logging policy. They will clearly state the type of metadata they collect from their users. So, if the VPN is free or cheap, ensure you inquire: how the VPN provider maintains businesses. Do they sell data to advertisers or keep it for other purposes? Do they sell their clients bandwidth?

  1. The Purpose of the VPN

Another factor to consider is the purpose of the VPN. Do you require a VPN to access a geo-blocked website? Is the VPN for privacy concerns? Do you need it to help you secure a virtual private network for personal or business use? Whatever the primary reason is, it enables you to be more focused on the functionalities of “cheap” VPNs.

Some VPN providers tend to focus more on one VPN functionality and end up neglecting the rest. For instance, a security-minded VPN provider will ensure that your network is secure and malware-proof. But, they might end up forgetting to adhere to their no-logging standard. It can also work the other way round.  Most cheap price VPN providers tend to focus on one aspect and forget the other functionalities.

Once you determine the primary purpose of the VPN, the easier it becomes to decide which VPN provider to use.

  1. Its Compatibility

Although most cheap VPNs support most platforms of Mac, Windows, IOS, Android, Linux, and even preconfigured routers; some providers don’t offer them on all platforms. So, if you have an iPhone but you use a Windows computer; then make sure the VPN provider you choose is compatible on both platforms.

This aspect separates VPN providers significantly. Also, make sure to check on the number of devices, the VPN allows you to connect at the same time. Some VPN providers will offer you unlimited devices, while others allow you to connect only three devices.

  1. Locations Covered

The number of locations and servers is also another factor to consider when deciding whether to trust “cheap” VPNs. If you live in a developed or less populated country or are planning to visit one soon, you will require a VPN that has several servers in different locations. A VPN provider that tackles their restrictions and censorship effectively is a necessity especially if you are planning to travel to a country with limited internet service.

  1. Customer Service

One of the most overlooked but most essential factor is the VPN provider’s customer service. VPNs experience change regularly, and it’s important for you to contact the customer service. The customer service your VPN provider offers can help you whenever you hit a snag. A reliable VPN provider will have an accessible customer service. They should have a live-chat platform because tickets and emails can take hours or sometimes days to answer.

  1. Payment Plans

The last factor to consider is the payment plan. When choosing the best VPN make sure it has a payment plan that features the VPN functionalities you require. Payment plans differ depending on the subscription length and VPN features. Also, make sure you look at the mode of payment.

Most fraudsters may use the payment plan method to commit fraud. So, make sure you use payment methods that don’t require you to use your personal information. While free VPN providers can be tempting, they can sometimes not be safe. Even if you don’t pay for the services you receive, you will still pay in another way from a bad streaming quality, ads, to unreliable protection.

Some cheap VPNs are worth trusting. They are not only better than expensive VPN provider but are also efficient and mind-blowingly good. So, if you are on a tight budget and looking for a cheap VPN that fits all your security and privacy concerns, you can try VPN providers like NordVPN, ZenMate VPN, or Ivacy. Whatever provider you choose make sure that they fit the factors mentioned above.

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