Mobile technology becomes the life partner of every student

In our learning and teaching experience, mobile technology is an efficient tool. A lot of us use mobile technology to accentuate efficiency and not generally the effectiveness. So, as suggested by Shyama, an assignment help Sydney expert with TFTH along with the common ideas of few other experts we have come up with top five suggestions on how students can effectively make good use of mobile technology while in school or college.

Mobile Technology In The Classroom 

There is an unquestionable rise in the increase in mobile device ownership. Moreover, with the increase of the student mobile device ownership, there has been a persistent discussion on the advantages of the mobile in education. Both education institutes, as well as students, are now discussing the several benefits of using mobile technology in the classroom. But before we jump to that, let’s see how are mobile phones efficient in the classes for the students.

The efficiency of mobile phones in the classroom

Following the study conducted by the KwaZulu Natal University, it was found that 92% of the students find it simpler to use mobile phones for faster access to information. Samir who works with EssayWriter4U and receives multiple requests from the students who wish to buy college essays online says that today believe that if they have their phones, they will never be stranded. Students know that with the mobile phone in hand, they can find the right information, at the right time, as and when needed. So, be it any general information related to the world around or any specific information related to a course, your mobile phone will help you access it quicker.

More than 95% of students believe that if they wish to communicate with their colleagues and lecturers, the process will only speed up when they have their mobile phones handy. Many even believe that the comfort and the ease that this little device offers when they need assistance related to their course is assuaging.

Sudhakar Mishra, who needed some help with SiteGround review online, said he could do it in a jiffy with his mobile phone in hand. Further, he adds that now, he no longer needs to carry around all the textbooks and the heavy modules. He has his lectures with him at all times, in his mobile phones. As a result of this, textbook or no textbook, a student can study anytime, anywhere, even while travelling.

There is no denial of the fact that mobile technology has undoubtedly made things faster, more comfortable and better. Students now have easy and quick access to information, and mobile phones assure pleasant studying in any environment. Now, all of this does talk about how efficient this mobile technology is. But is it all that mobile phone can do for you? If it is such a fantastic technology, shouldn’t it be making the students effective at their work too? Of course, yes!

Efficiency VS Effectiveness 

Now, before we tell you how mobile technology can make a student effective, we need you to understand the fundamental difference between efficiency and effectiveness.

In the workplace situation, efficiency is the time that it takes to complete a particular task. On the other hand, effectiveness is the degree of results that can be achieved by the actions and effort of the employees. So, if you are an efficient person, you can attain a result with the least plausible resources and funds, in the least possible time. A part of the credit for the efficiency of a group or individual should be given to the technology which has been developing over the years.

In particular, it is the mobile technology, which lets us send out emails instead of typing the letters and then posting them. Further, we can type emails or reply to one, while on the go. We don’t have to reach to our office and wait to get to our desktops to reply to the managers or give feedback to our juniors. All of this makes the mobile technology quite efficient and not primarily effective.

Speaking of education, the lecturers can today prepare PowerPoint presentations and upload them to a Learning Management System instead of getting a printout and sharing it with every student. Students, on the other hand, can read these ppts along with the other course materials on their smartphones, while on the bed as this adds to the efficiency of mobile technology.

Based on this, we can conclude that with the use of mobile technology in education, students get to become a whole lot efficient and not effective. With technology handy, you get a whole new way of doing things differently. Thus, we must ensure that we are using these power-packed features of mobile technology to do our tasks effectively. So, now let us take a look at five ways in which mobile technology can be helpful in the classroom.

Uses of Mobile Technology in the Classroom

Radhey Sham, who receives multiple requests from the students wanting online python homework help, says that technology is an incredibly efficient medium to make learning as well as teaching powerful. However, what can or cannot be done is limited to the skill and the talent of the user. So, the more you get creative, the more number of ways you can devise to make use of the technology in class. To help you with the same, we have come up with five examples of what effective use of mobile technology in a classroom would be.

Audio Recording Feature

Using the audio recording feature, the students can record quality feedback of the work they are doing. While in class, they can also record the lectures, so in case they miss out on something, they can go back home and re-hear it. Lecturers, on the other hand, can use this feature to record personal feedback for every student to help them improve their performance.

Live Polling Tools

For the formative assessment of the students, the quizzing or the polling tools can be used. Lecturers can employ these tools to see what students already know and what further areas they need improvement in. Sudhanshu, who contributes to TrumpLearning to offer online courses, says that this is the perfect way to determine the strengths and the weaknesses of every child.

Creating Videos 

Now, instead of writing long essays, which are mostly a copy-paste from the internet, the students can rather create a small video or an audio recording of their research project. It will make them more creative and give them a better understanding of the subject.

Chat And Online Discussion

Lecturers and students can create online chat and discussion forums where the students can put forth their doubts which the teachers or the other classmates can clear for them. It can be a quicker and more efficient medium to learning.

Use Of QR Codes 

Seema Grover, who works with an online term paper provider agency that lets students to buy term paper online states that QR codes are a phenomenal way to use mobile technology in the classroom. Teachers can provide the coded links to necessary resources, solutions to homework and complex diagrams for the students in the form of QR codes.

So, these are the top five ways in which mobile technology has become a life partner and a lifesaver for all the students.

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