Why Do Video Game Sequels Gain More Popularity Than Their Predecessors?

You see sequels in movies all the time, right? Whether it’s Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible, or Ice Age – you name it. There are tons of movies that bring out sequels because the first movie was such a massive hit in the box office. Surprisingly enough, video games have also followed that same route. While the success of movie sequels is debatable most of the time, the popularity of sequels in video games seems to grow after every new release. Why is that?

Better storyline

Gamers usually don’t tend to think too critically when they play games. They don’t judge categorically whether the editing, screenplay, or cinematography is award-winning or not. Gamers are not watching a movie while playing their favorite game. All they care about is the storyline and the graphics. If the makers get these two things correct, chances are that the sequel will be a bigger hit than their predecessor; much like the Star Wars video game that saw nine sequels after its first release in 1994.

So, every time the game makers announce a sequel of a popular game, enthusiastic gamers expect a new story; something that will give them an immersive experience. Game sequels are more about how much you get involved in the game. That’s the trick the game developers try to unleash every time.

Better graphics and sound

Launching a video game sequel takes some time. Like movies, sometimes it takes years to come up with the next part. But the video game sequel is worth the wait. They come with enhanced graphics and premium sound quality. Video game technology is changing every month. Imagine how gamers felt when they shifted from playing 2-D games to 3-D games. Well, not that almost every game comes in 3-D version, gamers look for realistic graphics.

Whether it is how a chopper lands, how you load a gun, the scene during a bomb blast, and things like that. Even human figures in the video game have become far more realistic than what they were five years back. And, it’s not just about the graphics. These graphics accompany appropriate sound effects. You will find gamers use high-quality, expensive headsets while gaming. That’s because they want to become a part of the game.

This is also the reason why video game sequels are more popular than their predecessors. Even if the storyline of the game involves something unrealistic like going to another planet and fighting aliens or your city surrounded by zombies and you are the sole survivors, the graphics and sound matter a lot. In fact, the success of video game sequels has three things in common: thrilling storyline, better graphics, and realistic sound effects.

So, even if a zombie screams in the game, your mind is aware of how their shouts might sound. When these two matches, it creates the perfect combination along with the graphics and storyline.

It is never too easy to judge the success of sequels, but when you compare between movies and video games, the latter has the edge over the other.

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