More Pictures of the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Surface

As we get closer to the expected launch date (February 15th) for the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti more pictures of the card have been leaked online. If you are not up to date this card will sit below the RTX 2060, but unlike the RTX card it will not feature any RT cores, hence the weird naming.

The first leak comes from Reddit where user Rukey_Lob posted photos of him holding a GALAX GeForce GTX 1660 Ti box. The box does confirm that the card is based off the Turning architecture.

gtx 1660 ti 1 gtx 1660 ti 2 gtx 1660 ti 3

The second leak comes from VideoCardz, who have posted marketing photos of cards from both Palit and EVGA. The Palit cards will be the StormX and StormX OC. The cards are very small (18 cm) and are cooled by a single 100 mm fan. The base model has a GPU boost of 1770 MHz, and the OC variant will boost up to 1815 MHz.

gtx 1660 ti 5 gtx 1660 ti 4

For the EVGA cards, these will be under their XC brand, again small cards here, under 20 cm in length, but they are 3-slot cards. They appear to be using the same cooling solution as the RTX 2060 XC card. These two cards will offer different clock speeds with the “Black” version sticking to the 17700 MHz boost and the XC version having a higher boost clock.

gtx 1660 ti 7 gtx 1660 ti 6

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