Most Convenient Ways to Use Your PC

Nowadays we are highly dependent on computers. But the amount of productivity obtained from a pc depends on how smartly it is used. A user must know some tips and tricks to get the desired result from the pc. We are representing some ways to use a computer efficiently.

The first and foremost trick is to organize your desktop. Thus you can find the location of the desired software easily. Pin the most useful and regular used applications to the taskbar, which will help you to open them within a few seconds. Keep files, documents, media etc in drives with the appropriate name of the folder. You can sort identical documents in the same folder. Try to avoid keeping files in the desktop if they hardly have any use.

There are a lot of shortcuts which can perform different tasks independently. For example, CTRL+C helps you to copy something and CTRL+V helps to paste the copied content. CTRL+S immediately saves created or edited document.  Windows+E open the file explorer. These shortcuts don’t only save your time, but also help to be faster and more accurate. Moreover, there are some hidden tricks available for Windows such as ‘secret start menu’.

Security is very important for your computer. But viruses, harmful malware can be acute threats for your personal and secured data. To keep your pc free from viruses, you can take some actions. Use strong passwords to your important files or personal sites. Install a good antivirus on your pc and scan everything before taking them from other devices. Use firewalls for not permitting the unauthorized users in your network. Keep a backup of important files, so you can recover them even if they get deleted or damaged. Don’t click on random links sent in emails.

When multiple programs run together for a long time, your pc might become slower. By using the task manager, you can take some steps to reduce the RAM usage as well as increase the performance. It shows all running, stopped, non-responding programs. You can detect your computer’s performance and start or terminate any services or all services if you want to. Delete all the programs that you never use, it will help to free up RAM. Set priorities to the services. Try to run limited services at the same time. Always clean the recycle bin.

Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. are available browsers to access data information using the internet. You must know how to use the search engine with any browser. You can create shortcuts of your most favorite or visited sites on the home page. Some browsers may allow you to pin a specific site, which will appear first regardless of the numbers of opened tabs. You can easily check your visited sites in history. Save the passwords of most visited sites or accounts, so that you don’t need to put them again and again. You can bookmark the site or webpage that you may need later. We need to clear cookies and caches manually which are no longer useful.

Easy computer networks can be formed using different methods. You can connect many computers in your office, in a building or covering more area than them. Private networks can set virtually through the internet. While forming a virtual network, you don’t need to use a lot of physical equipment and you can connect to any computer worldwide. Authentication is also possible while forming these networks. Unknown devices won’t be able to join the network or access any internal data.

Pc is mostly used for communication purpose. It provides many ways to exchange information among many devices or users or accounts. There are many mail services like Gmail,, Yahoo Mail as well as many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube etc. Always use strong passwords to them for your safety. Each mail or networking sites has its own techniques for controlling themselves. For example, there are 12 Techniques for Mastering Gmail Search such as searching messages, searching users, deleting unwanted messages etc.

If you need more storage than you already have, you should go for cloud computing. It will provide you unlimited storage, services, databases and applications with a very low cost. You can access your own documents anytime you want. It basically runs under the main host. Many hardware and software services can be obtained with limitless resources. A private Cloud assures more security than a public one.

Keep your Windows up to date and update it quickly if an update appears. Previous shortcomings are fixed and new definitions are added with each update. It also creates new patches for identifying malware with other security updates. Update your software regularly to get an advanced form and better security. If your Windows faces problems, reinstalling can be the best way to increase the performance. But don’t forget to keep a backup before doing that.

Take extra care for your pc and its battery. Don’t overcharge it and unplug from the charger immediately as soon as it is fully charged. If you need to use your pc after a short while, you can turn on ‘sleep’ or ‘hibernate’ mode. They take a minimum amount of power. You can get back on work from where you left. To turn off your pc completely sue the ‘shut down’ button. Try to avoid turning off pc using power button or unplugging it from the charger, it may cause harm to your pc.

To be a professional pc user, you must have sufficient knowledge and usage experience about some basic applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, image editor, notepad etc. Moreover, there are some well-known applications that may be beneficial to you a lot. For example, with an app like TeamViewer, you can get access to your computer from any devices. An app like Dropbox instantly grants you access to the cloud. You must have some basic skills like uploading and downloading, understanding and changing directories, setting printer or network etc.

Only a smart user can make the proper use of his pc. To be a power user, you must know these tricks. As a result, you will gain more efficient output from your pc. We hope you will find this article helpful.

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