Should We Fear That Robots Will Affect Jobs and Employment in The Future?

In today’s world, the rapid evolution of technology and the digital revolution is rising numerous controversies and debates among people from all around the world. While some individuals believe that the rise of technology means innovation and it is strongly linked to the development of our humanity creating numerous new opportunities for businesses, economy, and society, on the other side, the numerous sci-fiction movies which present terrible scenarios about artificial intelligence taking control over the world and humanity such as Blade Runner (1982) or I, Robot (2004), in which humans have no power to protect themselves when fighting against artificial intelligence, have made numerous people fear the rapid development of robots and their numerous capabilities and perceive it as a negative impact which will affect all of us in the future. If the scenario of robots threatening the destruction of humanity is not so easy to believe as it is surely an impossible situation, the scenario of artificial intelligence affecting us in terms of negatively changing the need for human workflow is a subject undergoing intense study as people fear that they might lose their job due to the evolution of the capabilities of robots completing their work tasks faster and more efficiently.

Should We Fear That Robots Will Affect Jobs and Employment in The Future 2

Numerous scientists and technology experts have triggered a tremendous fear among individuals by predicting a scenario in which artificial intelligence will exceed human capabilities which will lead to accelerating job losses resulting in mass unemployment and a sharp upswing in today’s already worrying levels of income inequality from all over the world. However, what this scenario is failing to underline is the fact that artificial intelligence is the result of the work of humanity which means that not only robots are evolving, but humans do too. It is easier for the human brain to imagine the terrible situation of robots taking over our jobs than to imagine the creation of new jobs in the future which do not exist today. Let’s be more realistic about this scenario of artificial intelligence completely controlling us in the future and understand its real purpose in our world.

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Artificial intelligence means innovation

Regardless of the fact that artificial intelligence is seen to become something evil in the future which will lead to the collapse of human civilization, there is no doubt and no one can argue its benefits when it comes to innovation. Nowadays, people from all over the world have totally integrated technology in their lifestyles and use it on a daily basis for every small task which they need to complete to the most difficult ones at their jobs. Isn’t it a proof of hypocrisy to claim that artificial intelligence is something bad for humanity, but still use it on a daily basis? People use it because it is efficient and helps them to be more productive, effective, and simplifies their lives. Moreover, by analyzing the bigger picture of the situation, apart from the individual point of view of individuals using their smartphones, laptops or devices for everyday tasks, the most powerful change brought to our world by artificial intelligence is strongly linked to the automation of the business world. Manufacturing automation is a phenomenon which has led to the growth of thousands of businesses by helping them to expand their production while reducing their costs and increasing their profitability. Not only that the development of robotic arms in the manufacturing industry has helped, and still does, businesses from all over the world, but, despite the wrong belief of robots taking over the jobs of humans, robots have also helped employees to work more efficiently while reducing their efforts for completing the business processes.

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Artificial intelligence in the workplace

Employees fear that artificial intelligence and robots will take their jobs in the future due to the increasing capabilities which robots have at the moment and the ones which they will soon have. However, those robots are the ones which simplify their jobs considerably and make them work more efficiently without having to make hard efforts for it. Nowadays, automation has made it possible for humans to be only the operators of the machines instead of doing repetitive and boring tasks by programming a specific job schedule software which makes the machinery execute the commands precisely as they were programmed to do it. Moreover, manufacturing robot arms allow employees to lift and manipulate heavy items which are used for the production without making any physical effort. It is true that some of today’s jobs can be replaced by robots in the future as they imply repetitive tasks which robots can easily complete faster than humans if they are programmed so. However, the concept of the process of “deep learning” makes us understand the robots will probably never be able to have the same skills and strengths which make us humans such as creativity, emotions, soft skills, and capacity to deal with variability which are crucial for some jobs. Moreover, there is no doubt that as humanity keeps on evolving since it has done for decades, so will the variety of jobs. So, instead of fearing that automation, artificial intelligence, and robots are destroying our jobs, we should focus on the way that they lead to the creation of new jobs which will continue to raise the demand for workforce in the future.

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The exciting and innovative times which we are living in due to the continuous and rapid development of artificial intelligence needs to be perceived out of the context of the terrible sci-fiction movies scenarios. Instead of seeing the digital revolution as a dilemma between humanity and artificial intelligence which can result in tremendous results, we should all embrace the newness which we are all witnessing in today’s era and perceive it as a bridge between humans and robots which allows us to meet in the middle and make the best out of all the advantages innovation and technology can offer to us such as contributing to our economic growth and make unimaginable progress in the most social challenges we have had for decades.

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