8 Essential Items Every PC Gamer Must Have

With 35% of Americans being PC gamers, playing games on the platform is a hugely popular pastime. But getting started with PC gaming requires the right setup and there are several essential items that you’ll need in order to get the most fun out of your games.

A Console Controller

Plenty of PC games can be enjoyed with a keyboard and mouse but many, such as first and third-person shooters, will require the use of a console controller. Many controllers are automatically compatible with the PC, such as the Xbox One controller and the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller. The controls of your PC games should be automatically mapped to the controller when you plug it in. For especially tough PC games like Cuphead and Dark Souls and console ports like Okami HD, a controller is a must.

A Comfortable Gaming Chair

For those long gaming sessions, you’ll need a gaming chair that is comfortable and prevents you from getting aches and pains from sitting the same place for a while. There are also novelty chairs that just take your gaming sessions to the next level. Some of the best chairs for gamers include an office chair that is ergonomic but not so stylish or even a Shiatsu massage chair which will keep you relaxed during your sessions. You could even invest in a La-Z-Boy with a cooler to keep your refreshments chilled as you play.

Ergonomic Mats

Another important PC gaming accessory is an ergonomic keyboard and mousemat. While they aren’t especially sexy, they should help to protect your joints when you play. PC gamers are at risk of getting RSI (repetitive strain injuries) because of prolonged gaming sessions, but ergonomic accessories help to offset that. You’ll also want to take the time to stretch in between matches or rounds of the game to further avoid getting some sort of strain injury in your hands and forearms.


A PC gaming headset is a must-have for those intense multiplayer moments. You’ll need the sound quality to be perfect so that you can enjoy the audio of a game the way that it was intended. The microphone will also have to be good quality in order to effectively communicate with your teammates. It will be tough for your teammates to hear you if your mic just sounds like someone’s walking over gravel or crunching a pile of leaves right next to it! Comfort is also an important factor if you’re going to be wearing them for a long time too. Some of the best PC gaming headsets include the HyperX Cloud Revolver S and the Razer Nari Ultimate, though there are plenty of choices.

Cable Sleeve

From the cables powering your desktop PC unit to the cables coming from your monitor, PC gaming often involves a lot of cables. In order to keep your setup looking tidy, you’ll want to grab yourself a few cable sleeves. These sleeves will hide your cables out of view and keep them in order, meaning you’re unlikely to accidentally yank them out of their sockets. It also makes all those cables look a lot less unsightly which is great in the event that you have friends round and you want to try and make the place look presentable.

Gaming Mouse

When playing PC games casually, any PC mouse will do. But gaming mice are designed with gamers in mind. Many feature additional buttons that can be configured and mapped to different buttons, such as a special attack button in a game or a weapon reload. Many are also very responsive, ensuring that input lag doesn’t let an enemy beat you. Many are designed to be ergonomic too, remaining comfortable in your hand even during long games.

Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard is also super useful if you play at a high level and want to avoid accidental button presses. While other keyboards are quieter, mechanical keyboards ensure that your button presses are registered as they are meant to. Prices of mechanical keyboards vary depending on the price and the design. You can get keyboards with lights in-line with the keys, designed for a specific theme and much more.

A Second Monitor

Finally, PC gamers should also consider getting a second monitor. This is useful if you tend to play lots of difficult games and you need help completing puzzles. You can have the game on one monitor and load up a video guide on the other. Alternatively, you can use a second monitor to add more screen space and expand your games’ visuals. An edgeless PC monitor with a thin bezel is especially good for this as it maximizes the screen space for a better experience.

These accessories should help you take your PC gaming to the next level. They help to improve your communication, comfortable and potentially even your performance.

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