The Best Laptops for College Students

You simply cannot go through college in today’s world without having a reliable and trusted laptop by your side. With so much of your course online – from learning platforms through to lectures and reading material – you really need a portable computer on which you will be able to work throughout the day in a variety of locations. This article looks at those absolute fundamentals that you’ll need to ensure you’ve got on top of before you purchase your ideal student laptop – something that’ll champion your work ethic and will never let you down.


A computer’s memory determines two things: how much data you can store at the computer at one time, and how many programs you can be running on the computer at one time. It’s important, if you’re a student who’s likely to have to run complex software, that you have a laptop that can handle the load. If you’re likely to use the following programs while studying, you should consider laptops that are famous for running complex software suites without an issue:

  • Art and design programs such as Adobe Suite
  • 3D modeling programs in architecture or chemistry
  • Complex algorithmic problems in math and physics
  • Any computer science or coding software

You can’t afford for your laptop to malfunction when running these programs – so it’s best you shop are for something that can handle a lot of activity at one time.

Durable and Light

More than perhaps any other individual, the college student will constantly be walking around with a bag slung over one shoulder, inside which is a laptop that is the center of their academic world. Of course, you’re going to want something that’s light but at the same time durable. It will need to be compact while also containing the right amount of specifications for your degree.

One of the things to look out for – especially if you’re a little clumsy from time to time – is the hard drive disk. You can either get a mechanical or an electrical one of these – and the mechanical is likely to fail and damage your disk if you drop or bump your laptop. Most modern and mid-range laptops have the electronic hard drive as standard – but it’s still worth checking, just to be sure.

Specific Specifications

Then there are more individually specific specifications, that are difficult to cover in an article. These specs depend on personal preference as well as what you’re most likely to be doing on your computer.

  • Students writing essays should find their perfect keyboard on which to type
  • Designers should opt for larger and more quality screens
  • Data processors should look to hard drives and RAM
  • Geographers and filed workers should look for durability
  • Gamers, musicians and artists should look for high-quality audio, visual and video specs

Happily, you’ll be able to compare all of the laptops on the market by visiting Choosist. You can compare specifications directly based on the preferences you have, and search for the highest-quality and best-valued items on the market for your college career.

Laptops are incredibly important at college – and this guide should help you find the ideal laptop for your time in education, helping you achieve high grades with the least digital disruption possible.

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