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Do you like betting? Have you been looking for the perfect sportsbook which can give you the best user experience when you are betting? Then let me introduce you to the Betway app. If you haven’t heard of the app or tried our your luck on, then you should get out of the whole that you are currently living in right now.

Betway gives you a chance to wager on sports and even casino games which fascinates you. Are you still not convinced?  Here is all the information that you need to know about the sportsbook.

All You Need to Know About Betway

When you visit the UK and you are looking to open a sportsbook account, then a lot of punters will recommend that you start with Betway. It is a household name in the country having many sponsorship deals with major teams in England. Even when you are viewing the TV or listening to the radio, you won’t fail to hear the name Betway.

The sportsbook was launched in early 2006, and Betway Limited manages it while the parent company is Betway Group. However just because it is based in the UK has not limited its growth in other continents such as Africa where it has made a significant impact in the sports industry.

What can you bet on with Betway?

Betway primarily focuses on sports. Some of them include football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, cricket, horse racing, rugby, and so many others.

When you choose Betway, you have over 12,000 markets which you can bet on. Moreover, the sportsbook has been taking an interest in the rising popularity of esports. It has been capitalizing on esports just like any other business.

The Betway App.

Mobile apps are running our lives. Betway has not been left behind in bringing their betting services closer to the palm of your hands. The app has everything you want from in-play to pre-match offers.

The Betway app might be new in the business, but it offers some competition to the older sportsbook. It is more flexible in terms of function if you compare it to all the others. So this begs the question of what does the Betway app have to offer you?

  1. You do not have to worry about missing out on placing a bet because the app offers you live betting.
  2. Once you open an account, you can access live streaming.
  3. The design is simple thus ensuring that you can streamline the betting markets with ease.
  4. The Betway app offers you both local and international betting markets. A person who lives in South Africa and one who is in England have the same betting opportunities.
  5. You get notified with exciting promotions and all the fixtures.

You can download the Betway app on both the Google Play store and the Apple Store. You cannot miss out the chance to bet on your favorite sports events.

When are you looking to get started?

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