If Both Games Are Free To Play, Then How Do Fortnite and Apex Legends Make Money?

Even though it doesn’t cost you a penny to start playing Fortnite or Apex Legends, obviously, the developers of both games need to make money somehow. So how do they do that?

First of all, there are special in-game stores that offer users to purchase characters or so-called “skins” for real money. Such products can be used in the game once you pay for them.

These and other paid add-ons are not must-have items. They are here mostly to give players a chance to show off their individuality and stand out from the crowd of competitors. They only give you a possibility to make your character look better.

These items are purchased with special game coins – Apex Coins and V-Bucks. And that’s what you buy for real cash. For example, in both games, 1,000 virtual coins will cost you $9.99. However, the more you spend, the more coins you get. Thus, if you pay $99.99 for 10,000 Apex Coins, you will get extra 1,500 coins free of charge. And if you play Fortnite, for the same price you get 13,500 V-Bucks. Sold virtual coins are the key source of developer’s income.

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However, bear in mind, that you don’t have to spend real money to win. None of these games offers players to buy power or skill upgrades. This means that you can only change the appearance of your hero, but there is no way to improve his performance for the money. You also can’t buy armor, weapon or other items that could enhance your performance on the battlefield. This is one of those things that many users love about these games – you can invest real money in the game if you want to, but that won’t mean that you have more chances to succeed than other players who don’t purchase any add-ons.

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