3 advantages of vaping over tobacco smoking

I’ve been sitting on the vape for more than a year, so I want to share my personal experience and the first three benefits that I found in this method of personal anti-smoking. So, this is a text from a smoker with experience of over 15 years, who found a way out in an electronic cigarette (one of the options for the designation of vape is not quite correct). My first device was like many – Eleaf Ijust S has become a “bathers” of recent years. This vape device I bought online at Dubai Vapers vape shop in Dubai. A rather inconvenient and impractical device in terms of comparison with today’s Invoke from the same Eleaf. And its key inconvenience, in my opinion, consisted in the fact that I simply did not get the necessary power. Well, and the fact that the power in it simply was not regulated. Today I hover at 80 watts. And it suits me completely. There you are completely dependent on the level of battery charge (which is enough for about 4-5 hours). And because the device is sometimes simply not able to bring any meaningful satisfaction. This is especially true of those moments when you just want to properly “hover”. In this regard, Ijust S is very seriously inferior to a regular cigarette, which is completely unrelated to the battery, easy to use and always at hand. Anyway, I will not bore you with a review not provided for by me here on the starting devas from Elif. And immediately consider the main benefits that you can feel the transition from smoke to steam.

Only a pleasant smell to choose from

A really impressive selection of flavors. I was surprised and slightly shocked by this in the sense that you can choose almost anything you want – from the “pastry chef” to your favorite fruit, from the “snuff” to even the flavoring of pickled cucumbers (though I didn’t like this thing). A huge variety of tastes and fantasies of their creators is the first thing that can strike a beginner on the way to the “steam room”. And all that flavors you can buy at Dubai Vapers online vape shop.

Plus, what has become a significant breakthrough for me personally is that my fingers have ceased to be covered with the smelly residue of cigarettes. And that from me, even when I missed breakfast, lunch and dinner (and this also happened), it smelled exceptionally pleasant. Especially for this you can and probably should be grateful to your loved ones. For from you now do not disgusting smell some kind of sour, and you smell sweet with a variety of tastes and aromas that you personally prefer. Yes, smells may differ from the original ones (they, at last, mix with your own smell, etc.), but, nevertheless, they are much nicer than anyone, even the most expensive “nipples” from a tobacco shop.

By the way, I once read a review about a smoker who was blindfolded and offered to choose among several cigarettes those he likes (his daily make). And he, which is not surprising – could not do it. Yes Yes. All cigarettes, except strongly flavored – are almost completely the same. And it is possible to distinguish, perhaps, only very cheap (are they now?) From medium and expensive. But, if you compare cigarettes in one price category – the difference will be very difficult to find.

Savings at times

Buying liquids for vape in the framework of “economy” and “middling” – very impressive saves you money. This is especially important for those who, at last, noticed – how much money he has to lay out weekly, monthly and annually for the products of tobacco factories. For me personally, it was at least (and often more) 10 dollars per day. And when you notice it, you begin to buy cigarettes cheaper – then you start to simply “slip” at all, getting a much lower-quality product, from which you can get a headache all the evening and your morning cough increases.

Even if you go beyond the scope of liquids, then even the same replacement of cotton wool and spirals and a few other manipulations (for example, buying a charger, batteries, etc.) – all this in vaping pays off. Moreover, even if you sometimes buy “medium” and sometimes even “semi-premium” e-liquids, you still remain in the black, saving money between 30-50 percent compared to standard smoking costs.

I will refrain in this text from thinking that vaping is more harmful or harmless than cigarettes. But I’m definitely sure that for me personally, vaping is about 2 times cheaper than if I smoked the same Winston and other products from Philip Morris today in the context of close price categories.

Low fire hazard

As well-heard about large-scale fires from an unlit cigarette, I argue that vaping in this regard is completely harmless. There is no open flame. Here everything is neatly mounted so that your habit cannot cause any harm to fire safety comparable to a regular cigarette. For example, if we don’t even directly touch the fires and what is connected with them – I can say about the cigarette in the car. In particular, my habit of smoking during the ride resulted in multiple burning of the seat trim, as well as burns from hot ashes on my hands. And yet – not a single burnt through shirt. In vaping, this is impossible. And the only thing that does not suit me here now is that the device can leak. And stains from liquid are always noticeable on clothes. However, unlike burning on a shirt from cigarettes – these spots can be simply washed off. And let me give you advice. If you want to buy high quality e-cig, vape kit or e-liquid – please visit Dubai Vapers vape shop in Dubai. It has huge stock of all vape staff and good customer service. Thanks for reading. Take care.

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