Why Soft Surfaces are essential for playgrounds and child safety in the UK

For lots of people home garden which is their most valuable playground and then a lot of what is actually learnt early in their childhood. Playing on rubber instead of grass at the playground and use of human made surfaces on playgrounds has increased dramatically over the years. First thing is that developed during primarily for athletic fields and artificial surfaces and also part of the planning and strategies to give opportunities. If you need further tips and suggestions about surfaces maintenance so click this.

Options are available for playground surfaces

With the playing safe flooring system is actually safe for the children and then easy to maintain and can also look exactly the way want to it. It is the way to made from impact absorbing material and can be completed tailored to the design thanks to high precisions diamond cutting machinery. Along with the vibrant colors to select from can having design and then layout to really brighten the playground and inspire children to play. It will be a safe thing and range surface with the critical fall heights and to include a load.

Like its use for different sports activities increased and also significantly over the years so it did the concerns. Athletes start to complain that appropriate surface was much harder than natural grass and some studies also start to show that use of artificial turf could increase risk for football and other sports concern with the injuries.

Tire swings to play surfaces

So as to remember on the time children used to play on tire swings and into the backyard or the parks, those kinds of things like the same tires are now being put to a new and possible hazardous use. Logically tire scraps seemed as a surface that would be less likely to harm children if they fell about. Recycling tires for use in right playgrounds and parks are. Such chemicals can also get on the skin and then even in our mouths.

Various outdoor playground equipments could also be anything from activity panels and then fitness or trim trails multi units’ slides and roundabouts. Need to fill in our contact form at the moment and to speak to a member of the team regards to prices and quotes for multiple kinds of systems. Need to fill in contact at the moment and is to speak to a member of team with the regards to rates and prices and quotes for necessary types.

How to playground surfaces made

All the surfaces include top surface layer and then giving a critical fall height of at least the standard size. For different areas and requiring greater critical fall heights and then adding one of more shock absorbent layers and to cushion impact and reduce the risk of serious injuries. Main thing is surface is top of range and having with the critical fall height of 3.metres. It is the way including load spreading layer and with the double shock absorbing layer for extra safety.

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