Hiking Checklist: Stuff You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Hiking can be a fun activity to undertake with your friends and family mostly for bonding. However, you need the right gear to enjoy your hiking experience. Without some of these hiking essentials your hiking experience can be devastating and dangerous. Grab a pen and paper because here is a list of hiking essentials to check off your list.

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1. Backpack

Before we talk about what should be in your backpack, let us talk about the backpack itself. You need something that is light yet good quality to carry your hiking essentials. Go for something that is big enough yet not bulky and has lots of pockets. Also a backpack that has a rain cover would be the ideal pick.

2. Clothes

You need a clean, fresh change of clothes. Have enough underwear for each day that will be hiking, a pair of gloves some sweatpants and a warm coat put them in a dry bag just incase your water bottle breaks inside the bag.

3. Cooking kit

Carry and aluminum measuring cup that is big enough and lightweight to cook or boil water in. Have a blended fuel canister for your small stove that you can screw on the top of your fuel canister. Have a lighter just in case the ignition on your stove doesn’t work or for when you need to start a fire.

4. Toiletries

Carry tissue paper in a dry bag to avoid having soggy toilet paper. Also have a poop scoop and baby wipes that will come in handy.

5. Soap

Look for liquid soap that is multi-purpose and put it in a small travelling container for portability. You can get soap that you can use to wash your face, wash dishes and even use as a mouthwash.

6. Drinking water

Water is very essential for your hiking experience because the last thing you want is to be dehydrated. It’s always a good idea to carry your own drinking water because you never know the water situation that you’ll find where you’re going camping. Collapsible water bottles are the best to carry. Ensure that you also carry a water filter just in case you find water that is dirty or not safe for drinking.

7. First aid kit

A first aid kit can literally save your life when you get injured while out hiking and there’s no help near. Have band aids in your kit, bandages and Aspirin for pain relief. I should have everything that can help handle burns, cuts and scrapes.

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8. Compass or watch with GPS

You need a compass or a watch that has GPS for direction purposes. There are GPS watches that have compasses and mapped routes. However, some are not as reliable as they claim. But this review of the Garmin Fenix 5x Sapphire gives a trustworthy feedback. Get a compass that has a mirror just in case you need to use the mirror to signal for help. Also attach a whistle to the mirror if need to scare off animals or to signal for help arises.

9. Bug spray

Mosquitoes are common in places that are warm and wet, so carry a can of mosquito and bug repellant spray.

There you have your hiking checklist. With these backpacking essentials, you’ll be assured of a comfortable, safe and fun adventure. However, if you are going for a more than one day hiking trip, you’ll need a sleeping bag. Make sure that your phone is fully charged and that you carry a power bank.

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